Welcome to andrewsbay 2.0, an online portfolio of photography, videography, and blues music from the man who gives meaning to the phrase “shooting my ass off,” the Blues County Sheriff (a.k.a. Michael P Rose).

You can find The Sheriff himself at a place we call the Already Here Ranch.  Why?  Because when the weather is bitchin’ and thousands of families head out to the beaches, lakes and rivers, we’re already here!  You will find a portfolio of photos taken at the ranch itself on the PHOTOS page under Ranch.

In addition the Sheriff’s portfolios of landscape photography, skyscapes (drone photos), travel and ranch photography, andrewsbay 2.0 includes selected live blues photography and creative videos.  You will also find original songs, the Sheriff’s videos, and concert posters for the Sheriff’s Band, Blues County Sheriff on the BLUES page.

The Sheriff’s artwork is divided into VIDEOS, PHOTOS, and BLUES as you can see above.  Check back from time-to-time as The Sheriff adds material whenever he creates it.  He is forever shooting his ass off.

Email sheriff@andrewsbay.com.