The Sheriff says: | I find video to be the most powerful medium today for creative expression.  This after investing decades in photography, poster graphics, web development, and as a band leader creating and performing music. | BIG PROBLEM:  A completed video of mere minutes requires the skills and judgement of professionals - writers, camera operators, editors, art directors, special effects geeks, composers, musicians, audio technicians, logistics specialists, actors, and more.  They devote their careers to these disciplines, while I have only two hands.  | It's a good thing I don't have to earn a living at this.

A trip to Mt. Hood with many stops for wine.  Some good boogie-woogie, too!

Wherein geezers return to the beaches of their youths w/wives.  Consume mass quantities of alcohol.

The Captain skippers our Already Here Airlines flight, terminating with a raucous party at the Toxic Masculinity Lounge.

Where men are men and every night is ladies night.  …and don’t forget to check your pronouns at the door.

Due to COVID-19, The Sheriff misses the birthday party for his beloved Aunt Frances 90th.  In his stead, he sends this greeting.

Time lapse of sunrise at Dead Horse Point State Park, UT.  The Colorado River is 2,000 feet below the camera location.

Sunset time lapse from our balcony at The View hotel in the Navajo Nation.  Love the eagle flying by at the beginning.

Unique sunrise time lapse in Monument Valley.

Fun in the Denver area with our friends Rusty and Ellen Campos.