The Captain takes us on perhaps the most unusual and exciting flight you have ever experienced. Already Here Airlines hosts our flight, terminating with a raucous party at the Toxic Masculinity Lounge located just inside the terminal at Blues County International Airport.

Fake News 24/7
Due to travel constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Sheriff misses the birthday party for his beloved Aunt Frances 90th.  In his stead, he sends this greeting.

Time lapse video of sunrise at Dead Horse Point State Park, UT.  The Colorado River seen in the video is 2,000 feet below the camera location.

Unique sunrise time lapse in Monument Valley.

Sunset time lapse literally from the balcony of our room at The View hotel in the Navajo Nation.  Love the eagle flying by at the beginning.

A fun weekend in the Denver area with our friends Rusty and Ellen Campos is commemorated with this epic video.